Ok, here we go!


Up and running!

Working on putting this new WordPress website together. So much to do. The design, the branding, the content, etc.. But I guarantee I’ll have fun with it! My intention is to provide high-quality service to individuals and small businesses while keeping the experience low stress, affordable, and fun! For both of us. Relaxed and friendly interaction is not only conducive to creativity, but it is also imperative in maintaining the Budha-Like Zen I require to properly share my wisdom. Yes, that was a joke. Those will definitely happen occasionally.  😉

Why did I choose WordPress?

WordPress offers so many options in design and functionality that it makes the perfect foundation to build on. Pretty much any website you can imagine can be put together with WordPress as the base. It is also user-friendly enough that with a little time, patience, and instruction most people can learn to maintain their website on their own. If they want to that is. Especially given the incredible amount of resources freely available on the internet. YouTube, in particular, is loaded with helpful videos for people of all experience levels. That is why I offer different services. I can help you to build it yourself, I can do the heavy lifting for you, or I can just be a helping hand when needed.

Updates coming.

Please check back often as I will be updating my Portfolio and adding some great articles soon. I would love to hear from you on Facebook and/or Twitter also! If I can help you with a WordPress project (or any other project for that matter) please don’t hesitate to Contact Me. Even if you just have a question you need to have answered. I will help if I can. If by chance I can’t help I’m sure I can point you to someone that can.

I hope to hear from you!

Jeff Summitt