Who I am and why I’m here.

     Once upon a time, 20+ years ago…., I became fascinated with programming. When I wasn’t working my day job, or filling my “Family Time” quota, I spent my time learning Visual Basic, PHP, MySql, etc. (no WordPress back then). As my daughter got older, started school, etc. my time with her became somewhat limited. I made a conscious effort to get off of my PC to be Dad and Husband as much as possible. The computer time dwindled to some online gaming after the family went to sleep. It was actually a pretty damn happy existence.

     Of course, time goes on and things change. My daughter grew up and went to college, my work responsibilities changed, and I found myself with a lot more time on my hands. The majority of my time the past 6 or 7 years has been spent hanging with the wife, gaming, and watching too much TV. I even played guitar in a local band for about 5 years. It sounds great in theory but man it gets boring! I decided I needed to change things up, feed my head, and try to be more productive.

Why WordPress?

     I remember how much fun I had, and the sense of accomplishment I got from, building web sites for people. So I started researching how to get back into programming. WOW, how things have changed…. I made the assumption that what knowledge I did have was still floating around in my brain, waiting to be called upon. But alas…. even if it is still in there it’s woefully outdated and the neural pathways leading to it apparently died a slow death long ago. Everything seemed so foreign that I was close to abandoning the idea and then I stumbled across WordPress. It reminded me of PHPNuke from back in the Stone Age. I dove right in. With a lot of help from 2 of my dearest friends, Google and YouTube, I was able to start “learning by doing” again. Anyway…. this story has drug on long enough. Let’s skip to now.

Why you should hire me.

     Now I’m a WordPress Technician with at least Entry-Level experience in close to every aspect of web development. I’m still learning something new pretty much every day while doing something that I truly love to do. I don’t know everything there is to know about WordPress website development, nor do I claim to. The things I have learned to do I do well. When I run into something new I dig in until learn how to do it properly. I’m honest, straightforward, and any task I undertake I do to the best of my ability.

     I guarantee my customers (hopefully you will be one of them) will receive a reasonable price, a higher level of customer service than they are accustomed to, and will benefit from my determination to succeed. Most importantly my intent is to exceed your expectations in delivering the product you want in a timely and enjoyable manner. If you are willing to give me a shot at earning your business Contact Me Here. You can also contact me on my Facebook or Twitter pages. I hope we get to work together.


Jeff Summitt