WordPress Website Consultant and Technician
Specializing in Personal and Small Business Solutions


WordPress Consulting

I really enjoy helping someone plan, build, and learn to maintain their own WordPress site. With today's tools and some patience, most people are capable of doing it themselves. But having some help will save you a lot of time and frustration along the way. From walking you through each step of setting up hosting to choosing a theme, plugins, a color scheme, and search engine optimization. Through every part of the process, I will always offer help and advice meant to suit your best interests.

WordPress Development

My WordPress Development Service covers everything to get you up and running. It begins with an in-depth conversation, during which I will ask a lot of questions. Together we will construct a blueprint of what you want and how I will make it happen for you. From there I go to work on your domain name and hosting, installing WordPress with your theme and chosen plugins, the design tweaks and content, and lots of testing. All done with your review and approval at each milestone of the process.

WordPress Maintenance

Sometimes things break or updates are needed. Sometimes you just want to add something new. My WordPress Maintenance Service covers anything you need (or just want) to have done to your existing website. Be it a simple adjustment of your existing theme, in-depth troubleshooting, and repair of a larger problem, a bit of SEO tweaking, optimization to increase your speed, content writing, or just simple data entry I can take care of it for you. I'm thorough, efficient, and I take pride in doing a good job.

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A bit about me.

     I’m a WordPress Technician with experience in close to every aspect of web development. I’m still learning something new every day while doing something that I truly love, and helping others along the way. My intention is always to provide high-quality service to individuals and small businesses while keeping the experience low stress, affordable, and fun! For both of us…. Relaxed and friendly interaction is not only conducive to creativity, but it’s also imperative in maintaining the Budha-Like Zen I require to properly share my wisdom. That was a joke. I don’t charge any extra for those.  😉

Why did I choose WordPress?

    WordPress offers so many options in design and functionality that it makes the perfect foundation to build on. Pretty much any website you can imagine can be put together with WordPress as the base. It is also user-friendly enough that with a little time, patience, and instruction most people can learn to maintain their website on their own. If they want to that is. Especially given the incredible amount of resources freely available on the internet. YouTube, in particular, is loaded with helpful videos for people of all experience levels. That is why I offer different services. I can help you to build it yourself, I can do the heavy lifting for you, or I can just be a helping hand when needed.

Give me a shot.

    If I can help you with a WordPress project (or any other project for that matter) please don’t hesitate to Contact Me. I would love to hear from you on Facebook and/or Twitter also! Even if you just have a question you need answered. I will help if I can. If by chance I can’t help I’m sure I can point you to someone that can.

I hope to hear from you!

Jeff Summitt

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