Project Management Inside of WordPress

I have a friend who was asking about project management inside of WordPress.  I use Asana for a lot of my stuff (which I love), but I had seen a Project Management plugin that came out not too long ago that I thought I would check out.

Turns out it is pretty awesome. It even has a nice premium upgrade ($15 for single site) that let’s you create a nice front end for clients.


  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Users
  • No recurring costs
  • In-expensive to start
  • Permission Level Views (Users only see their views)
  • Permission Level Notifications (decide on every item who to notify)
  • Milestones, Sub-Task Lists, Due Dates
  • Reordering of Tasks
  • Actively being developed


  • Relatively New Product
  • Can’t see how to Archive Tasks and Projects when complete

Would Like’s

  • It would be nice to have some nice way to integrate with this plugin.  I would like to integrate some billing in here.  Perhaps that would be a good add on for the developer to look at next… or perhaps I will develop it. 🙂 

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