Jeff VanDrimmelen

Jeff VanDrimmelen

I am a serial entrepreneur who has been building and running web services since finishing my MBA in 2008.  My speciality is WordPress multisite, particularly using it in enterprise & commercial environments.


I have a liberal arts undergraduate degree, a masters degree in German literature, and a MBA with a focus on IT management.  I found my true love for building websites while working on my German degree, so my background allows me to help non-techie folks understand complex technology topics.


I have build hundreds of WordPress websites and around 50 WordPress multisite networks.  As part of my work I created and maintain the University of North Carolina’s multisite WordPress install which has grown to now over 4500 sites and 18,000 users.

I love coming up with solutions to people’s custom web solutions using WordPress.   People will often to come to me with a question and ask if we can do it with WordPress… so far I have never had to say no.   Check out my portfolio for some examples.


On a personal note I am married and have four wonderful kids from 12 years old down to 6.  They keep me young and on my toes!  We live in Arlington Texas, home of the Rangers and the Cowboys.  In my spare time I try to convince my kids to be web developers and work on my Manx Dune Buggy.